Irek Kusmierczyk
Irek Kusmierczyk
Member of Parliament for Windsor—Tecumseh

 Old Age Security Pension

The Old Age Security Pension is a monthly payment available to seniors who meet these requirements.


Obtain an Old Age Security pension application kit by going to a Service Canada Center or by visiting:

Guaranteed income supplement

The Guaranteed Income Supplement is a tax-free monthly benefit available to low-income Old Age Security pensioners living in Canada.

You are eligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement if you meet these criteria:


Obtain a Guaranteed Income Supplement application kit by visiting a Service Canada Center or by visiting:


Service Canada Center

In Windsor, the only Service Canada Center is located at 400 City Centre Hall, Suite 103 You can also contact an agent at 1-800-277-9915 and request that a kit be mailed to you.

What can my MP do? With the written permission of the person concerned, my office will be able to contact a Service Canada officer or the Canada Revenue Agency about a case.

If you have a difficult situation that requires immediate intervention or if you need help with a particular process, I invite you to contact my office so that a member of my team can help you.


Main office - Windsor
9733 Tecumseh Road East, Suite 2
Windsor, Ontario
N8R 1A5


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Hill Office
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6


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